Ahh, street food – one of the best ways to excite your taste buds while creating memories. From meat pies to jerk chicken, these are the top six street food worldwide.

Meat Pie – Australia

This delicacy was initially prepared as flaky pastry, filled with minced meat and gravy. But people have experimented with this dish to come up with even more variations, replacing meat with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, and more.

However, Aussies are not responsible for inventing this popular treat. The Greeks introduced it to the nation during colonization as it provided good nutritional value for settlers. Above all, the ingredients were readily available, and that made it an instant hit.

Jerk Chicken – Jamaica

The Jerk chicken recipe is a closely guarded secret. Still, it starts with chicken marinated in a mixture of scotch, thyme, allspice, spring onions, ginger, and bonnet chillies. The meat stays in this mixture overnight to absorb all the flavours then it is grilled over a wood BBQ. For the best experience, go for the real deal from a smoky jerk hut.

Chilli Crab – Singapore

If you happen to visit Singapore, don’t leave without trying the famous chilli crab. Street hawkers serve it all over the city, and it is one of the cheapest ways to fill up. Cher Yam Tian invented this signature dish and sold it from a street cart in the 1950s, and people loved it. People soon replicated his success to serve whole crabs that are stir-fried in a tomato, egg, and chilli source.

Miso – Ramen

Miso is a flavourful dish made by mixing vegetables, broth, and miso base in a wok. And its invention was a lucky coincidence. A customer requested the Aji no Sanpei Noodle house to put noodles in his miso soup in 1955. The result was an exciting mix of flavours that the chef served from that day. The recipe has changed a lot since then, with most people adding chopped pork, garlic, sweet corn, crabs, squids, and scallops to enhance the flavour explosion.

Currywurst – Germany

It’s hard to ignore this tasty looking dish that Germans love so much. It is a street snack made from fried sausages served with a smooth and curry-spiced tomato sauce. Sometimes, they fill it with fries or a kesa roll dusted with yellow curry powder. But it is the pureed tomatoes and aromatic curry powder sauce that makes it a winner.

Tacos – Mexico

Interestingly, the word taco refers to the gun powder used to blow up rocks in mines. The miners wrapped the explosive powder with a piece of paper, a setup that resembles this popular dish.

Today, tacos refer to a tasty snack made from grilled-baked tortillas topped with numerous fillings. There’s no limit to what you can put into tacos, with options ranging from thinly sliced meat, vegetables, or anything that could excite your taste buds. This snack has grown to be one of the most famous street foods globally, with most vendors being in the Americas and Europe.