Food trucks can be profitable if you get the menu right. Some foods require cheaper ingredients and are more profitable than others. And that is the whole point of a food truck business – to serve sizable potions that are cheaper than what a brick and motor restaurant typically offers.

That said, here are the top three food truck menu items with the most significant profit margins.


There’s a reason why most food trucks serve burgers – they are relatively cheap to produce. Burgers are also easy to make, and that makes them ideal for a food truck business. Not only that, but the market loves these tasty treats for their stomach-filling potions. Just be creative with marketing, and you should be golden.

Loaded Fries

Most food trucks serve French fries as a side dish for hot dogs and burgers or as a main dish. And the reason is simple – you only need one ingredient (potatoes) to make the delicacy. That makes it cheap to produce, which translates to a better profit margin. With toppings such as garlic mayo, cheese, rosemary and thyme, you could be pulling crowds and making a tidy profit in no time.

Stone Baked Pizza

The stone-baked pizza was the poor people’s dish in the 16th century. That says a lot about the production cost of this premium-prized treat. The ingredients are relatively cheap to acquire, and the production time blends well with the food truck business model. The product is also popular, so selling it shouldn’t be too hard. Be creative with the toppings, prepare to scale production, and that’s it.