With lifestyle diseases on the rise, people have never been more health-conscious than right now. But with the tempting invitation of fast food, most New Zealanders find it hard to avoid unhealthy food options. And the food truck business isn’t helping either. Here are some of the reasons why most fast food vendors still serve unhealthy food in 2021 and beyond.

Cost of Production

A typical healthy meal has little carbs, lots of vegetables and some protein. That means a higher production cost, more work and longer prep time. All these describe what the average food truck business owner does not want.

Loaded fries, on the other hand, are relatively cheap and easy to produce. You only need potatoes, pepper, meat and a few different toppings to move the product. So, unless the market decides to avoid unhealthy food, the food vendors will still try to hold on to their unhealthy menus for as long as possible.

Food Portions

Since most fast food menus comprise cheap to produce items, making bigger portions is not a problem for the vendors. So clients get to fill their stomach for a fraction of the price of a healthy meal. The same cannot be said about healthy food.